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Adrian Kelly

Principal Project Manager


Adrian Kelly is a Principal Project Manager at EPRI Europe working in the Grid Operations & Planning team.

He leads research and projects in EPRI in the area of transmission real-time operations situational awareness, in particular developing research for the control center of the future. His research interests and projects include HMI and display design, alarm management, artificial intelligence application in real-time system control, operations security standards and the interface between the real-time system and protection. He also has active interest in operator training, operator decision making, change management and applications to improve operator response to the shifting transmission system.

In 2020/21 he will lead the workstream on control center pandemic mitigations in a major EPRI research initiative.

He contributes to all ongoing EPRI grid operations and planning projects and research projects in Europe.

Previously, Adrian worked for 9 years in the Operations and Planning departments of EirGrid, the transmission system operator in Ireland, including working as a real time grid, balancing and market operator.

Adrian received a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) from University College Dublin in 2007. He is a chartered (professional) engineer with Engineers Ireland and is an active member of CIGRE and IEEE. He lives in Dublin with his wife and son.

Adrian Kelly
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